Covid-19 Experience: Lindsay Kirby

“Mrs. Kirby?”

Yes this is her.

“Hi this is Ryan, I’m calling to let you know you are Covid-19 positive


My personal Covid experience was that I felt lucky the first week because I only had a burning throat, body aches and monster headache.  I mean compared to struggling to breathe, I felt pretty grateful that I only had those symptoms and was happy I wouldn’t be sick long.  And I was glad to just get it, get antibodies and get it over with.

In fact, on day 7 I felt back to normal and had a burst of energy and my body aches were gone.  I’M GOOD I thought.  The only frustrations I had then were that I felt like going out and about and I wanted to get back to work.  I cleaned the house, finished up some work projects  and deep cleaned a closet instead.

Holy crap what happened to that good feeling? Because that night I woke up with that horrible monster headache again, I felt so tired and was so sad this meant I still was fighting this off.  Oh well, I just over did it I thought.

Day 10 my kids were begging me to Uber eats because by this point they had gone 10 days without me cooking or getting groceries—I couldn’t even think to put together a grocery delivery cart.  Picking up the phone to call for delivery pizza felt too complicated and exhausting.  

What is my problem and why am I being so depressing?  I need to really just suck this up and get moving.  I think I’ll just lay on the floor and sleep actually.  

Day 14 I’m supposed to be free and Thanksgiving is in 3 days and I can’t even fathom getting ready and my brain literally feels tingly like it is being attacked.  OK, I’m Googling this—Google “why am I so tired with Covid”?

WHAT THE HECK!!!  10 pages of confirmation that I’m not making this up???  They’ve named a syndrome for this??  This fatigue and brain fog could last months????


So I call our Nurse Practitioner at Sculpt Wellness, Rhonda, crying and rambling about there’s a syndrome-I can’t do this—what can I do?

She’s amazing and  instantly knew “this virus has drained your batteries and you are depleted.  Let’s get you recharged, we have everything you need to do it so get in here”.

So 3 days in a row leading up to Thanksgiving I hung out as a patient in my own wellness clinic receiving Rhonda’s protocol.

By Thanksgiving?  I was up, running errands, putting together veggie trays and pies and full makeup. I actually did my hair, selfie with my husband with 50 comments. I looked great and bright.  

Rhonda informed me I needed to do 2 more days—I didn’t really think so I felt amazing!

By Sunday post Thanksgiving—“I’ll see you tomorrow I’m dragging again”.

I did two more days of her protocol in Sculpt and started my quick daily regimine and could cry thinking about how grateful I am to be feeling 110% me again!  

But I’m still struggling—with guilt.

I mean who has access to NAD, FastVitaminIVs, Peptides and Glutathione IV whenever they want?  

Was it only me in our area that felt that bad?

NO.  I did a social media poll and it opened a can of worms that breaks my heart!!  So many people are suffering weeks to months later with extreme fatigue, headaches and brain fog after fighting off this virus!!

This does not have to be something you take months to get back to normal!  I’m sure you are like me and you simply cannot afford to not be functioning normal for that long???  Your work needs you, your kids need you, and times are stressful enough you can’t be functioning at 20%.

I’m on a mission to spread the word there are so many options that can recharge your battery and get you back to baseline!  Long-haulers syndrome doesn’t have to mean there’s nothing you can do!