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Our Energy and Mood Pathway is designed to tap into the body’s natural energy boosters. Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, we have a mix of devices to lift the fog.


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Enhance your mental clarity and improve your response to daily stress. Multitasking, decision fatigue, and information overload can leave us overwhelmed and run down with brain fog. Life is full of stress and it's common to miss feeling a zest for life and desire an upbeat outlook. Our pathway to clarity and boosted mood is the most common reason our members find Sculpt to be invaluable. The number one reason our members stay long term is they realize that just 1–4 days a week to stop, decompress, and reboot mentally and physically adds invaluable improved quality of life. The hardest part is committing to stop for 20 minutes for yourself but "I feel so much happier and productive" is well worth the trade-in time. Discover how our membership allows you to feel more productive and less reactive to stress — and your friends and family notice too!

This path often includes access to:

  • Cryotherapy - For Boosted Endorphins and Improved Sleep.
  • Red Light Therapy - Naturally Boosting Mood and a Fantastic 20 minutes of Relaxation and Mental Reset.
  • BrainTap Stress Relief Sessions - Mental Work Bringing Your Cortisol Down and Subconscious Work.
  • Vitamin Therapy Supplementation to Support Your Body's Reaction to Stress and Boosting Energy (Available as a Supplement Purchase to Membership.)
  • Fast VitaminIV - Lift the fog in 15 minutes with this fast-acting blend of vitamins.
  • BrainRefuel Program.

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