Sculpt pathways

Pain Relief

If you live with chronic pain, our methods and technology release endorphins, the body's natural pain inhibitors that result in faster and long-lasting pain relief.


// Pain relief isn't a luxury

It's deserved.

Sculpt has the team and technology to rejuvenate your body and redefine it to perform and recover better than before. If you are one of the many who have chronic pain from a past injury or condition, we believe your comfort shouldn’t be considered a luxury. Start with our pain relief track, and our wellness practitioners will develop a targeted approach to provide pain relief, that you deserve in your life.

This path commonly includes:

    • Cryotherapy Chamber - Invented for Arthritic Relief in the '70s, Helps Reduce Inflammation and Releases Pain Relieving Hormones.
    • Body Spot Cryotherapy - The Ability to Target the Exact Area of Discomfort.
    • Infrared Sauna - Pain Relief and Detox Programs.
    • Sauna Pod - Red Light Therapy and Soothing Vibration Massage.
    • Massage Chair - 12 Different Programs Soothing Head to Toe.
    • Pain Relief IV (Available as a Supplement Purchase to Membership.)

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