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Here at Sculpt, we are dedicated to improving your health. We have constructed a state-of-the-art biohacking facility to do just that. A place where innovation meets the mind and body.


// Sculpt is equipped with over 9 treatment rooms and smart fitness equipment such as vibration therapy.

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Sculpt offers a wide variety of services. These treatments have been proven to be not only effective but efficient. We invest in our clients as they invest in themselves. Our atmosphere will not only keep you motivated but have you feeling revitalized. Sculpt also offers a coaching and accountability program. Fuel your mind with the help of one of our Sculpt Coaches with a one-on-one counseling session. Elevate your mind and body like never before.  Hack your bio-code and unlock your body's full potential. Lead a healthier happier lifestyle.


// Even More Services for your Body & Mind.

In addition to our primary family of services, we offer many other options to enhance a compliment the Sculpt Experience. Here are just a few.

Fit 3D Bodyscan:

Our Fit3D body scan is a state of the art technology that provides accurate measurement of inches head to toe—as the scale at home could be fooling you when you’re releasing pure body fat but maintaining or even gaining lean muscle with our programs! Cloud reporting, in 40 seconds receives inches, body composition analysis, base metabolic rate, hip to waist ratio, posture analysis, and more!

Botox Parties:

Botox Parties-Follow our app and Facebook Page Events or become a member of the Botox Tri-Cities Facebook Group.

Nutrition Classes:

Nutrition Classes-Follow our app and Facebook Page Events


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