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Brain Refuel™

Tired of experiencing brain fog? Done getting behind on your never-ending to-do list? With our innovative Brain Refuel™ treatment, a transformative IV protocol that combines NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) with FastVitaminIV®, your unproductive, low-energy days will soon be behind you. Our safe, scientifically based program is a game-changer for fatigue, focus, and functioning, especially for executives.


How Brain Refuel™ Works.

A Look at the Science.

The forward-looking, innovative Brain Refuel™ treatment is a research-backed IV protocol engineered by Craig Koniver, MD. Intravenous NAD+ is rapidly becoming known as a cutting-edge medical treatment to combat a variety of conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, concussions, neurological diseases, and addiction.

The combination of the NAD (a Vitamin B3 derivative) and FastVitaminIV® also helps with fatigue and executive functioning. Together, they provide better concentration and focus, improved sleep, greater workout intensity, and an expedited recovery.

Busy executives require clarity to tackle the day. You don’t have to accept brain fog. Try our Brain Refuel™ treatment, and get ready for the best clarity and focus you’ve experienced yet.

Joyful statements from our guest, Stephanie G.

I have never been happier with my decision to join Sculpt. From the greetings of the front office staff upon entering and making or adjusting appointments, to the staff that assists with whatever service I choose to do any particular day, their professionalism and knowledge is outstanding and Rhonda, she is amazing!! I chose to start the Brain Refuel Program because I wasn’t feeling so great, I had brain fog, fatigue and started to develop anxiety. I had researched the benefits of NAD and wanted to give it a try.

I am so thankful I took the leap of faith in what was offered at Sculpt because it did wonders all the way down to my eye sight. I could not believe what difference it made in the colors, brightness, and clarity I was seeing. I am feeling so much better I have more energy, I can remember what I did the day before, and I have improved sleep patterns and not a bit of anxiousness.

I am going to do maintenance therapy as recommended to continue on my journey to better health at the cellular level. Thank you, Sculpt, for offering such great services to support health and wellness.

Benefits of Brain Refuel™

No More Energy Loss. Only Focus.

Recent studies have linked NAD supplements with many benefits, such as:

  • Improved energy, mental clarity, and alertness due to the positive effects on cellular processes that support cognitive function
  • Improved memory and help treating Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Enhanced athletic performance and muscle function
  • Better protection against certain cardiovascular problems
  • Reduced symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Protection against vision loss and signs of skin aging
  • Regulation of circadian rhythms and appetite

Brain Refuel™ FAQ's

The Brain Refuel™ program is very safe and benefits people of all ages, from kids as young as 12 to adults in their 80s.

It takes no more than one to two hours to administer each Brain Refuel™ treatment for the majority of people, though the time can vary. 

The majority of patients start with a loading dose of five treatments, but some patients do need more and start with 10 treatments. These treatments are best given as close together as possible. The majority of our patients then do a monthly Brain Refuel™ treatment, but maintenance varies according to patients’ needs. 

Once you’ve received your Brain Refuel™ treatment, FastVitaminIV® comes next. This part takes about one to two minutes. 


Yes, you can. You are welcome to read, work on your laptop, or just relax. After the treatment, there are no restrictions, though most patients find that they enjoy having quiet time to relax and reflect.

In between IV sessions, it is recommended that patients take some oral supplements to help keep the NAD+/FastVitaminIV® nutrients working at optimal ranges.


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