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About Sculpt

When it comes to how you look and feel it’s easy to seem stuck. Like there is this one obstacle in the way - a trouble spot, pain, or lack of energy, that keeps you from what you want. You work hard but want more control over the results. You shouldn’t apologize for wanting more and desiring results.


Sculpt Tri-Cities believes you deserve more.


Our dedicated pathways, encouraging staff, and effective noninvasive technology help you work smarter not harder. In the end, you get exactly what you want, and often times more than you expected, so you can perform and feel your best. It’s your life, it’s your body, define it however you desire.

At Sculpt Tri-Cities we are your people. We are your team of wellness practitioners that help define the best you can look and feel. We provide encouragement and positive affirmation of not only your current body but the one you desire. We’re fit and appreciate health, but we’re human. We accept people for their vanity and help people in pain. We believe in their body, we believe it’s their body, and we simply help define it to their desire.


Lindsay Kirby

Owner, Registered Nurse

Hi, I’m Lindsay Kirby. I’m a Registered Nurse, health coach, wife and mother of three who is passionate about health and wellness, nutrition and the body.  I believe that there is a “grey” area of health care – that area where you’re not sick but where you definitely don’t feel your best.  “Stuck”. That feeling of knowing your body, mind and motivation isn’t where you like it to be. After being a labor and delivery nurse for 12 years, I started traveling and speaking for a nutrition company while working in aesthetics here in the Tri-Cities.  In my travels, I was introduced to life-altering technology and concepts that were not here in the Tri-Cities. Along with my husband, Chad, we launched Sculpt Tri-Cities with just one LED Body Sculpting machine and a huge vision. And what was that vision? Providing effective, safe, pleasing results in places where our clients want to see them the most, in ways that help these individuals reengage with and be excited and about basic healthy habits.


Rhonda Bonilla

Functional Nurse Practitioner, Medical Director

Rhonda Bonilla is a nationally certified Nurse Practitioner with over 30 years of combined experience in dermatology, functional wellness, immunology, trauma, and primary care. After raising their children in Central California, Rhonda and her husband decided to relocate to our area. The moment we met her we knew it was the perfect fit! Rhonda was excited and surprised to discover that a wellness facility like Sculpt existed here in the Tri-Cities. We could not be more honored to have her as our medical director and your Health Care Practitioner!

We love her sweet, down to earth demeanor and are blown away by her knowledge and expertise. She serves on the International Board of DIrectors for Heart to Honduras and has served on many mission trips to Honduras.

Not only is she passionate about beauty services like Botox and hair rejuvenation, but she also can evaluate, manage and guide you in hormone therapy, peptides, bio-identical hormones, weight loss plans, thyroid evaluations, sleep plans, libido, anti-inflammatory pathways and so much more in your wellness journey.

As a Functional Wellness Practitioner, she is passionate about helping you dig deeper and uncover more about your body. If you’re frustrated with feeling unheard and still stuck after traditional doctor visits--Rhonda will help you dig deeper.

Customizing a plan for you and listening to you, she has over 20 years of experience in wellness and medicine that she will put together a tailored plan that is defined by your goals and desires.


Mia Kirby

Client Experience Lead

Mia has been a part of Sculpt pre Sculpt opening! She and Lindsay Kirby literally started piecing Sculpt together and always reminisce about the first-day receiving calls and being so excited and nervous! As Sculpt has grown from one service and one piece of equipment to over 20 services and a full Wellness Studio, Mia has been there supporting, implementing, and the rock for the owners—who happen to be her Dad and Step Mom. Sculpt truly is a family, family-owned, ran, and view our clients as family.

Mia’s sweet, fun, and hard-working personality is behind most of our social media and welcoming you to the studio when you visit as a lead technician.



Wellness Technician

I spend my free time with my friends and family going on road trips, hiking, and playing with my chihuahua I rescued in Mexico during a trip. I'm going to school to get my degree in elementary education to one day be a Kindergarten teacher. I love working at Sculpt as a receptionist, and using my favorite services we offer such as Cryotherapy and IV's is a huge plus.



Wellness Nurse

Hi! I'm Sarah! I am a Registered Nurse who has spent over twenty years working in the traditional nursing field with experience in the emergency department, urgent care, OB-GYN, and interventional radiology nursing. I came to work for Sculpt just over a year ago after visiting with Rhonda, FNP regarding my own health and wellness concerns and frustrations. Wellness Nursing called to my heart and I never looked back! I love all of Sculpt's services but my favorites are the compression boots, cryotherapy, the infrared sauna room, and FastVitamin IV's!!!When I'm not at Sculpt enjoying my time connecting with and supporting our clients along their own wellness journeys, you can find me and my husband watching our two sons play football in the fall and traveling all over the country to watch them play baseball in the spring and summer. Our daughter was married this last year and is living in California with her Marine husband.


Niki Beck

Lead Wellness Technician

Hi I'm Niki Beck! I've been with Sculpt since 2017, I'm one of the OG's! I'm the Lead Wellness Tech and have the best job in the world! My passion is to help our clients achieve their goals, whether it be for weight loss, pain relief, increasing energy or anything in between. Let me be your Coach! Let me be your Cheerleader! My favorite treatment is our LED Body Sculpting Lights. This is what Sculpt started out with, and although we have acquired many other biohacking treatments, this treatment remains to be a favorite of many. This treatment is easily a great way to destress and unplug, but also helps with targeting fat cells which reduces inches and skin tightening and toning in a targeted area. Bonus!!

I have a diverse background that includes working in a gift store when espresso machines first came out, helping to manage a call center of over 200 employees for a major bank, sales for the Better Business Bureau and an Account Manager for a pharmaceutical company in the Allergy department. I have an Associate Arts Degree in which my studies were geared towards Nursing. I'm currently enrolled with the Transformation Academy taking courses to become a Certified Master Life Coach and am pursuing schooling to become a Licensed Medical Assistant.

I share my life with my amazing husband, my 4 children and 4 grandchildren. We enjoy camping, going to concerts, WSU football games and spending time with our family and friends.


Marissa Stone

Wellness Technician, Customer Support

My favorite food: Cheese quesadillas
Hobby: Hanging out with my bestie Maddy and spending time with my new puppy Howie

Favorite TV show: Stranger Things and Bob’s Burgers

Education background: Graduated from the University of Cincinnati and currently working towards my Master’s degree at Western Governors University

Main role at Sculpt: Receptionist

Favorite service: Cryo facial, Botox with Rhonda







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