Post Virus Support

Virus Recovery

Fatigue, brain fog for weeks or months is not something you can afford.  You have options.

Covid-19 invades nerve cells and nerve cells have the highest concentration of mitochondria-the part of the cell responsible for making energy. This is believed to be why brain fog and fatigue—nerves power the muscles and these nerves have been depleted and are exhausted.  No one is exactly sure why Covid-19 is attacking these nerves so intensely or exactly why there is the long hauler/post Covid fatigue—but it is real, it’s unfortunately common and you are NOT making it up:


Resetting Your System | Post Virus Support


Step 1) NAD IV


Recharge your batteries and get you functioning fast because you have life to do:

NAD is the best-known way to instantly recharge your batteries.  The most effective way to do this so that you feel the difference fast is through an IV so we can give you a dose large enough to recharge your body and brain.  One dose is not enough, 5 is the minimum to recharge back to functioning.  NAD recharges your batteries but one session a partial charge.

We are getting NAD from the best –Dr. Craig Koniver--the world renowned expert in NAD.

NAD is one piece.  When you fight off a virus especially as strong as Covid-19; your body uses all it has—burning through vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  NAD is one vitamin.

Step 2) FastVitaminIV

Patented with over 10 years research:  replenishing 19 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids we need most.  The second ingredient in getting you back to functioning and thinking clearly.


Step 3) Home Supplementing

Oral support with other ingredients not in FastVitaminIV or NAD but also equally important in this multifaceted recovery and rebuilding you back to your normal.  Supports sleep, energy, mood, and headaches.

Respiratory support with nebulizing at home.

Step 4) Peptides

The most important support for rebuilding your immune function over time and done daily at home.

Modulating and helping your immune system rebalance naturally, peptides are incredibly important for the immune system. You won’t “feel” these work, but they are so important if investing in immune system recovery.


Rebuild Immune Function | Virus Recovery

Service Value

$ 3585
  • 1) NAD + IV x 5
  • 2) FastVitamin IV x 5
  • 3) Glutathione IV x 5
  • 4) Peptides (to be taken at home)
  • 5) Immune Boost Injection x 8
  • 6) Personalized supplement recommendation


Total Package Value

$ 3585
$ 2899 Only!

*HSA accepted

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