Sculpt attends CryoConference in Plano, Texas.

A few of our team members recently attended the very first CryoConference in Plano, Texas!

Rhonda, our medical director, Lindsay, owner/nurse and team lead Mia.

We loved the food and atmosphere of Texas and that feeling of pre covid networking.  We learned so much and met amazing people!

Takeaways:  we are leading the world in the wellness industry–Cryotherapy just was first introduced in the US 10 years ago and now wellness spas are becoming mainstream especially post Covid.  Sculpt is proud to have put Tri-Cities on the map as leading in wellness 4 years ago and it was so fun to hear from other cryotherapy centers how their stories have evolved and their vision for the future.  There were many many people there that haven’t opened yet and wanted to hear about how we offer cryotherapy and what we have learned.

We heard from experts and also were a part of discussions on safe practices, industry standards and how important cryotherapy is for the future of wellness.

We also discovered a new machine!!!!!! 

We cannot wait for it to arrive!

We are so excited to bring more value, education and services to our community as we continue to grow and are a part of the “originals” pioneering the way!  We are committed to staying educated, cutting edge and leading with safe practices.  Cryotherapy is evolving rapidly and more and more mainstream and we couldn’t be more proud!