Covid-19 Experience: Shannon Lewis Aiello

Post COVID update:

Welp. I have been officially “over” COVID according to the 14 day definition plus some. Went back to work Monday through Wednesday with lingering symptoms of fatigue, nausea, brain fog and extreme headaches. Fought through it until today.

This morning was different and I felt like I was back in week 1 of COVID. My sweet husband covered my patient schedule as I could not do it today.

Instead of seeing patients, I became the patient. Neil and I are aggressively treating post COVID with a recovery protocol of intensive IVs, daily peptide shots, and vitamin supplements over the next 30 days. It’s extreme, but I will do anything to feel better and recover sooner so I can get back to helping my patients.

Day 1- IV and peptide shot- Laugh all you want for those that know me because I literally pass out with needles, blood draws ect. The nurse was AMAZING with getting me through it. You will also all be shocked that I will be giving myself shots daily as well (she made me do one in office to prove I wouldn’t pass out 🤣). Minimal discomfort, I might even beat my needle phobia after this…

The IV is no joke. About 2 hours total and I felt pretty nauseated the whole time. Sculpt Tri-Cities did such an amazing job keeping me comfortable. I can report that the two hours after the treatment I am honestly feeling better than I have in a month! Will keep you in touch with progress. IV #2 tomorrow…

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